Class Information

Class Fee: Varies; Teachers set their own rates for their classes.

Materials Fee: Varies; Classes may require supplies. Fees will be included in the class fee and are listed in the class description.

Admin Fee: Varies; These fees are paid directly to the Center depending on how long the class meets and which tier the class falls.


These are the top tier classes. Core classes have higher expectations of students, parents, and teachers, and are meant to be the most academic courses. They are often semester-long or year-long classes with a detailed syllabus, homework, and grading. Examples of core classes are math, science, and high school English.


Specialty classes primarily consist of things like theater, dance, and art. Other academic subjects that do not hold to the stricter guidelines of core classes may also fall into this category.


These are your fun, more laid-back classes. Almost every pre-K level class is considered elective, as well as classes that are not necessarily academically focused such as juggling, cooking, or sewing. All student taught classes are also categorized as elective.