Homeschool Expo

Are you thinking about homeschooling but aren't sure how to begin?

We can help!
Join us for a meet and greet with all sorts of homeschoolers! Ask your questions and get some answers!
  • Find out what it takes to homeschool in South Dakota.
  • Take a sneak peek at some curriculum choices.
  • Find out how to file a homeschool exemption form.
  • Understand our state's homeschool laws.
  • Learn how to successfully homeschool high school.
  • Receive personalized middle school and high school plans for your student
  • Become confident about teaching your special needs / struggling learner.
  • Inquire about unschooling.
  • Chat with hybrid schools
  • Find fun extracurricular activities
  • Discover social groups
  • Meet with local Co-ops
  • Familiarize yourself with cyber schooling
  • Tips on how to homeschool as a single parent
  • Develop a plan for how to work full-time and homeschool
**Free hot dogs, chips, soda, and desserts! (while supplies last!)**
Join us for a fun evening at the park to chat about all things homeschool! 
Setoma Park Picnic Shelters 
Sioux Falls, SD 
Thursday, June 20th 4:30-6:30 pm
Event sponsored by:
Anchored Homeschool Resource Center
G&C Handyman Services
605 Tutor
SoDak Soda
True North Homeschool Academy
Tamara Reeves Homeschooling (Classes and Tutoring)