Interested in Teaching?

If you would like to share your gifts and teach a class, please review the contract below. Please contact us on what you would like more information.

Teacher's Contract

  1. All teachers are subject to the direction of the Class Coordinator and Leadership Team at AHRC.
  2. Teachers must abide by all AHRC policies and procedures as outlined in the AHRC Handbook..
  3. Teachers must NOT teach anything that would be in direct conflict with the AHRC Statement of Faith.
  4. Teachers must notify Class Coordinator two weeks prior to the start of classes if unforeseen circumstances arise to prevent them from teaching their class.
  5. Teachers must commit to teaching the entire session or duration of their classes, as per their application.
  6. Teachers will work professionally and to the best of their abilities to teach their students as efficiently as possible, being prepared and adhering to the responsibilities required of their class.
  7. Teachers will communicate consistently with the Class Coordinator and stay informed about meetings and Center events.
  8. Teachers will communicate consistently with families and students.
  9. Teachers will come to all mandatory teacher meetings (one before each semester) and preview nights as required.
  10. Teachers agree to do a background check prior to teaching, paid for at their expense.
  11. Teachers agree not to discriminate against any child on the basis of race, gender, or age.
  12. Teacher is permitted one class cancellation per term due to extenuating circumstances. If a second class needs to be cancelled, the teacher agrees to offer a make-up class. If three or more classes needs to be cancelled, the teacher agrees to refund all students the class fees for each of the cancelled classes. Scheduling a substitute teacher is appreciated for the first cancelled class, however is not a sufficient replacement for subsequent cancelled classes.
  13. The Resource Center does not hire teachers, rather it provides a space for teachers to share their gifts and knowledge. Teachers set the perimeters and fees for their classes.