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A Beka

A Beka Strong and True 1i

A Beka Strong and True 1i

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Visit King David’s throne room and discover the rewards of being persistent and faithful! Your child will eagerly read stories about Ben Franklin, the Pilgrims, and fictional characters in this 126-page book that includes fables, folk literature, biographical stories, realistic fiction, animal tales, Scripture reading, and poetry. This is the seventh book (1g) in the Abeka Reading Program for grade 1. Each of the nine books gradually advances your child’s reading skills in accordance with his phonics instruction. This book gives your child practice with Phonics Charts 12 and 13 as he learns character qualities of appreciation, honesty, integrity, determination, contentment, and more. With 22 stories and 7 poems, your child’s love for literature will grow rapidly. Through special comprehension questions marked with an asterisk, your child will also cultivate thinking/comprehension skills and learn to apply valuable lessons to his life. 

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