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All About Spelling

All About Spelling Level 2 Teacher's Manual

All About Spelling Level 2 Teacher's Manual

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All About Spelling takes the struggle out of spelling! Based on the Orton-Gillingham approach, this curriculum teaches encoding skills, spelling rules, and multisensory strategies to help students become proficient spellers.

All About Spelling Level 2 Teacher's Manual. Missing Student Consumables such as Progress Chart and Completion Certificate (free download from All About Spelling website). In All About Spelling Level 2, students will learn four different syllable types: open, vowel-consonant-E (VCE), vowel team, and r-controlled.

All About Spelling is a building block program: each level builds upon the previous one. In order to build a strong foundation, most students start with Level 1. If you decide to start in a higher level, you will need to purchase the Student Packets from all previous levels so that you have the necessary flashcards for review purposes.

Condition: Used - Very Good (missing consumables - progress chart and completion chart)


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