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All American Car*i*oke

All American Car*i*oke

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From now on, backseat pleas of "Are we there yet?" will be replaced with "Can we go for another ride?" Introducing ALL-AMERICAN CAR-I-OKE-yes, karaoke for the car-a kit including a book of 15 great family sing-along tunes and activities galore, an accompanying CD of music, and three booklets of lyrics for the back seat and the way-back. Sing a gutsy, rocking version of Proud Mary-and learn some cool seat-dancing moves to go with it. Put on a show voice for Give My Regards to Broadway. Play a mad-lib version of mix-and-match lyrics with the Are We There Yet Blues. Pair off for the cowboy duet Red River Valley, raise a tear with Danny Boy, put on your best hillbilly voice and tell the story of Big Rock Candy Mountain (with some new child-friendly lyrics). And take the Car-i-oke Challenge: Try to hit the high note-land of the free-eeeeeee -of The Star-Spangled Banner. The CD, recorded in Nashville, ranges from big instrumental productions with full horns to jug-band fun; vocals are added where needed to help the singers along. The 64-page book includes full lyrics to all the songs, plus tips on singing, road song quizzes, travel trivia, lessons in back seat drumming, and other musical activities. The three booklets have just the lyrics. It's an all-American, all-family musical extravaganza.

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