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Binding Machine Appointment

Binding Machine Appointment

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How Many Books Will You Be Binding? (NOTE: If you need to bind more than 10 books please make an additional appointment)

Book an appointment to use our binding machine! Come in-store to spiral bind your printed PDF downloads, loose worksheets, or even re-bind worn books and more! 

Just pay $3 for each book you bind, we will provide all needed materials (front and back covers, and binding coils), and show you how the machine works for you to bind your own books. You MUST have PDF downloads already printed, as we will not print anything for you. 

Appointments are booked in 30 minute time slots, if you need to bind more than 10 books and/or want more than 30 minutes you must make an additional appointment. The booking itself is free but you must pay for each book you bind.

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