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Didax Educational Resources

Didax Educational Resources Collaborative Cards Geometry

Didax Educational Resources Collaborative Cards Geometry

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These uniquely designed cards are great for collaborative groups or individual practice. This set contains 120 (4" x 6") cards, 40 cards per grade level that can be assigned on or off grade level as necessary, and a Teacher's guide. Grade 6 students work with the coordinate plane and nets as they calculate the area of triangles and other polygons and find the volume and surface area of prisms. Grade 7 students solve problems involving scale drawings of geometric figures, describe the 2-D figures that result from slicing 3-D figures, and identify unknown angle measures in figures. Grade 8 students work with transformations on the coordinate plane, understand similarity, apply the Pythagorean theorem, and calculate the volume of cones, cylinders, and spheres.

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