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Founding Fathers: The Story of America

Founding Fathers: The Story of America

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Founding Fathers: The Shaping of America tells the story of six formidable Americans—George Washington, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, and James Madison—and how they persevered for 50 years of battle and bare-knuckle government to forge a nation. Known as the “Founding Fathers,” these six men, heavy lifters and shapers of American institutions, were examples of the best of the 18th century and morally dedicated to the creation of a free country.

 A fully illustrated 64–page book with 15 removable facsimile documents brings the era and events to life as never before. Removable documents include:

Thomas Jefferson’s first draft of the Declaration of Independence with scratch-outs and marginal comments by John Adams and Benjamin Franklin

A letter requesting a truce sent by the British General, Cornwallis, to Washington on October 17, 1781
Examples of the Federalist Papers—essays written by James Madison and Alexander Hamilton, which argued for the creation of a constitution.
The Bill of Rights, written by James Madison
President George Washington’s notes for his inaugural address as the first President of the USA
A letter by President Thomas Jefferson to his secretary Meriwether Lewis, requesting Lewis take charge of creating the “Corps of Discover”

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