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God's Little Instruction Book Volume I, II & III

God's Little Instruction Book Volume I, II & III

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God's Little Instruction Book is an inspirational collection of quotes and Scriptures that will motivate you to live a meaningful, productive and happy life. Some books have quotes, and some have Scriptures, but we wanted to combine both to provide not just man's insight, but to include the wisdom of the ages--God's Word. This little book was designed and written to be fun to read, yet thought-provoking and one that will challenge you to reach for the best and fulfill your potential. We have filled it with quotes and sayings, familiar and unfamiliar, but we have also included a Scripture with each instruction that reveals what God's Word has to say about each topic. Basic, practical and filled with the timeless wisdom of the Bible, this delightful book offers a road map to succeed in the daily journey of life. 

Condition: Used - Very Good (writing inside front cover)

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