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Gotta Have God 2: Cool Devotions for Boys

Gotta Have God 2: Cool Devotions for Boys

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This fully-illustrated boys devotional from RoseKidz helps boys ages 6-9 know how to rely on God as they learn more about the Bible and themselves. Volume 2 features over 100 devotions, Bible activities, challenging puzzles, mind-bending mazes, and more!

Hey guys! You already know life can get tough-but you can tackle all life’s challenges when you let God build in your life. God is the best and greatest builder of all. He will build good things in your heart and mind―and he will help you develop rock solid faith. As you read each boys devotion, you will find out about God and how to follow Him. Discover God’s blueprint for your life as you get raw answers to questions, such as: How can I trust God? What's God’s plan for my life? How can I forgive others? And more!

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