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Heart of Dakota

Heart of Dakota: Revival to Revolution Set with add-ons

Heart of Dakota: Revival to Revolution Set with add-ons

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Set Includes

Economy Package

Hearts for Him Through Time - Revival to Revolution by Carrie Austen

George Washington’s World by Genevieve Foster,

The Story of Napoleon - The Children’s Heros by H.E. Marshall,

Hearts and Hands, Volume 4:  Chronicles of the Awakening Church

Thomas Jefferson’s America by Jim Weiss, CD

Abraham Lincoln and the Heart of America by Jim Weiss, CD

The Story of the Great Republic by H. A. Guerber and Christine Miller

The Story of the World, Book V:  The Growth of the British Empire by M. B. Synge

Who is God? And Can I Really Know Him?, Volume 1

What in the World? Volume 3, by Diana Waring

Draw and Write Through History, Napoleon to Lady Liberty: The World of the 1800’s by Carylee Gressman

Map Trek for Revival to Revolution - Heart of Dakota

United States History Atlas,

Heroes of Faith - The Hidden Treasures in Hebrews, by Evelyn Wheeler

The Story of Classical Music by Darren Henley, 4 CD set, 2004

Hands-On History Activity-Paks, Composers by Amy Pak, 2011

Fifty States Under God by Joy Dean, 2016 -Unused 

The Signers -The 56 Stories Behind the Declaration of Independence by Bindell Fradin

Creative Writing

The Exciting World of Creative Writing by Ruth E. McDaniel

Basic Package History Read Alouds

Amos Fortune Free Man by Elizabeth Yates

Songbird by Nancy Lohr

The Secret Wish of Nannerl Mozart by Barbara Kathleen Nickel 

John Paul Jones The Pirate Patriot by Armstrong Sperr

The Reb and the Redcoats by Constance Savery

Marie’s Home by Caroline Austin

Seaman: The Dog who Explored the West with Lewis & Clark

Only the Names Remain: The Cherokees and the Trail of Tears by Alex W. Bealer

The Voyage of Patience Goodspeed by Heather Vogel Frederick

Florence Nightingale by Laura E. Richards

Gabriel’s Horses by Alison Hart, 2009

Shipwrecked: The True Adventures of a Japanese Boy, by Rhoda Blumberg

With Daring Faith by Rebecca Henry Davis

George Washington Carver by David Collins

From Extension Package

The American Testimony DVD Set 1:  United States History from 1492 to 1877,, 1997
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