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Annabelle Klosterman

The Internship and Scholarship Hunt

The Internship and Scholarship Hunt

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Score Big and Maximize Opportunities with These Winning Strategies

Date: Thursday, Feb 16, 2023, 4:00 - 6:00 pm
Who: For high school students and parents

Internships and scholarships are important to funding higher education and gaining valuable experience. This class is designed for high school students and their parents who are interested in learning about the process of finding and applying for internships and scholarships. This class will cover the following.

  • The different types of internships and scholarships available, and how to search for opportunities that match their interests and qualifications
  • The importance of networking, and how to make the most of their relationships with potential internship hosts and scholarship providers
  • Strategies for acing the interview, including how to prepare for common questions and showcase their skills and experience
  • How to tailor resumes and cover letters for applications
  • Tips for submitting a strong application, including how to showcase academic and extracurricular achievements

Throughout the class, students and parents will have the opportunity to ask questions about the internship and scholarship process. By the end of the class, students and parents will have a strong understanding of how to find, apply, and obtain these opportunities, and be well on their way to securing them.

Using this unique approach, Annabelle Klosterman earned over 10+ internship offers in 6 months and has been offered over $315,000 in scholarships and graduated college on scholarship funding alone.

Annabelle Klosterman is a Master’s Cyber Defense student at Dakota State University and Co-Founder/Program Director of the Cyber Community Club. As a high school student, Annabelle worked as an Information Systems Assistant. For the past couple of summers, she has been a Cybersecurity Intern for different government organizations and is now a Cybersecurity Engineer for Southwest Airlines.

Mimi Klosterman has been homeschooling her 8 children for almost 25 years. She has been involving her kids in her business and internships during their middle school and high school years.

Cost: Materials Fee - $2, Admin Fee - $5, Teacher Fee - $13

Total: $20.00 per family

Minimum # of families to have the class:  3

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