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Charlotte Mason

Language Lessons for the Secondary Child Volume 2

Language Lessons for the Secondary Child Volume 2

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Written for a child between the ages of ten and fifteen - whenever they are reading a variety of classical literature and able to write a short report without much effort. This volume contains grammar, punctuation skills, copywork, narration, dictation, picture study, letter writing, and more - with a strong emphasis on learning about and learning to write different types of poetry. A consumable text with 180 daily lessons and full color classic paintings throughout, this is the perfect language arts course for your upper elementary or middle school aged child who is using the Charlotte Mason approach.

Continuing on in the "Language Lessons" for older children (junior high through mid-high school age), this volume continues on through the variety of skills taught in volume one with lessons that are a bit more advanced and lengthy, with a particular focus on famous historical speeches for copywork and dictation exercises.

Includes Student Workbook and Answer Key

Condition: Used - Very Good

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