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Lunches & Snacks with Lessons for Children

Lunches & Snacks with Lessons for Children

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Intended for the entire family with emphasis on teaching children. Sample Lunch Menus and Snack Menus that can easily be prepared by children. Excellent lists of age-skill expectations from 2yrs to 12+yrs to help reduce frustration when cooking with young children. Curriculum Lesson Suggestions for 16 lessons (aimed at 12yr being able to complete a lesson in one week). Safety in the Kitchen, Food Preparation, Kitchen Equipment & Utensils, Bible study and meals/feasts from the Bible. Research topics and guidelines (nutrition, human body, water, junk foods, etc)
The back cover reads: Teach at age two, by thirteen they'll become competent enough to replace you in the kitchen. Seller Note: THIS HAS BEEN MY DELIGHTFUL EXPERIENCE!!

Condition: Used - Good - missing CD (step-by-step powerpoint lessons and lesson demonstrations (ie. table settings, knife skills, etc))

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