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McRuffy Press

McRuffy Press Kindergarten Science

McRuffy Press Kindergarten Science

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The Kindergarten Science Teacher's Manual will guide you through thoughtful discussions about life science, physical science, earth science, and scientific inquiry. The manual will show you how to use the materials in the K Science curriculum to the greatest advantage of your learners. Using a format consistent with other McRuffy curricula you'll know what to teach and what materials you'll need for teaching with the Objectives and Materials sections. The Teaching section provides some lesson scripting, directions, and illustrations of materials used. Evaluation standards are provided at the end of units. Coil bound to fold flat.

The Resource Pack is a collection of unbound material including card activities, photo cards, posters, games boards, and more.

Photo cards in the Resource Pack are used to direct discussion and teach classification. Weather Charts help students record daily weather observations. Students combine primary colors to form secondary colors on the color wheel. A game reviews the life cycle of frogs and butterflies.

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