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Classical Conversations

Prescripts American Documents

Prescripts American Documents

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Product Overview The goal of Prescripts Cursive Passages and Illuminations is to refine the basics of cursive writing through practice with longer passages of writing. As your students gain muscle strength and coordination, they will be able to move from writing that is functional to writing that is worthy of being called an art. For this reason, this book can be used as either a consumable or a non-consumable resource. Students who still have difficulty with the cursive letters can trace over the writing in the book and practice drawing the letter illuminations in the space provided, while those who are ready for a challenge can copy the passages in a separate notebook or on blank paper. Designed to offer early preparation in the areas of copy-work, memorization, and cursive writing, the Prescripts series from Classical Conversations is adaptable for students just old enough to hold a crayon all the way through those grasping cursive mastery. Since one of the primary ways grammar students learn is by copying, Prescripts combines important ideas and passages with cursive handwriting and fun art lessons. Teach your student that what he writes is as important as how he writes by giving him cursive writing practice using quality copy-work from Scripture, history, and American documents. Also included are coloring pages, drawing practice, and lessons on composition to teach young children how to sit still, follow directions, and acquire fine motor skills. Rather than resorting to mindless busywork that isolates our youngest children from their family's education, the Prescripts series is designed to initiate young learners into the world of knowledge they will inhabit as they mature.

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