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Shurley English

Shurley English Level 3 Kit

Shurley English Level 3 Kit

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Students practice and reinforce their lessons in this Student Workbook, an integral component of the Shurley English system. Divided into a jingle section, reference section, practice section, and test section, students will need to flip to the necessary section in order to complete their lesson practice.

The jingle section contains the lyrics to all the jingles, while the practice section provides a variety of activities, including matching, editing, multiple-choice, short answer, and other forms of written skill practice. Each test in the test section is divided into four areas: grammar, vocabulary, language skills and a weekly summary. Tests involve a variety of questions which should be familiar from the practice section. The reference section contains vocabulary words, a beginning set up plan, general reference notes, samples, and charts.

An audio CD with the jingles and introductory sentences is also included to help students remember concepts such as parts of speech.

This level 3 kit covers all eight parts of speech and all sentence types; predicates, direct objects, prepositions, and other parts of speech; quotations; parts of a book, outlining and dictionary skills; subject-verb agreement; double negatives; homonyms; capitalization in numerous contexts; verbs; punctuation; and expository, persuasive, descriptive, narrative and creative writing.

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