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Stepping Stones: A Path to Critical Thinking Books 1 and 2

Stepping Stones: A Path to Critical Thinking Books 1 and 2

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Stepping Stones: A Path to Critical Thinking: Books 1 and 2 by Schneider

Stepping Stones is a set of workbooks for grades K-2 that promote higher-level thinking skills by emphasizing the thought process rather than a specific answer. The problems in the books are open-ended, thus lending themselves to several interpretations and to multiple solutions. Rather than having one right-or-wrong answer, the puzzles presented in the series call on children to think through a problem from a number of angles, determine a logical course of action, and be able to justify their answers. For example, one child may categorize images of a cat and a dog as household pets and add a goldfish or a canary. Another child may categorize the same cat/dog set as animals spelled with three letters and add a pig. Both students are equally correct. Accountability lies in the child's ability to explain his or her thought process.

Condition: Used - Good (a previous owner's markings on outside cover of 2/4 books)

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