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Mystery of History

The Mystery of History Volume 1 Workbook and CD

The Mystery of History Volume 1 Workbook and CD

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The Mystery of History Volume 1: Creation to the Resurrection, is written from a Christian, young-earth, perspective, and teaches children to see God's hand throughout history! Written in a conversational style, many lessons are presented in the form of mini-biographies, integrating fascinating stories with the events of the time. Covering creation to the resurrection, students will learn about famous biblical characters, ancient peoples, and well-known men such as Aesop, Buddha, Pythagoras, Confucius, Emperor Asoka, Herodotus, Caesar, Hannibal, and Herod.

Includes Book and Reproducible CD 

Condition: Used - Good (Wear and tear on cover; inside great, no writing) 

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