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Young Explorer Series: Exploring Creation with Botany

Young Explorer Series: Exploring Creation with Botany

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This wonderful book uses the classical and Charlotte Mason methodology to give elementary school students an introduction to God s incredible world of plants. Narration and notebooking are used to encourage critical thinking, logical ordering, retention, and record keeping. Each lesson in the book is organized with a narrative, some notebook work, an activity, and a project. The activities and projects use easy-to-find household items and truly make the lessons come alive They include making a "light hut" in which to grow plants, dissection of a bean seed, growing seeds in plastic bags to watch the germination process, making a leaf skeleton, observing how plants grow towards light, measuring transpiration, forcing bulbs to grow out of season, and forcing pine cones to open and close.

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ISBN: 978-1-932012-49-1

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