Sell With Us

We buy and sell gently used homeschool curriculum, literature, teacher and classroom materials, educational games and puzzles.

How does this work?

You bring in the merchandise you want to trade or sell. We calculate a price we can sell the merchandise and give you a percent of that in cash or store credit. You choose if you would like to accept our offer.  We offer cash for most items, but not all. 

Is there a limit to how much I can bring in?

To ensure efficient processing, we limit the number of items to four small to medium sized boxes. Think of these boxes as being roughly the size of a file box. 

How much do you pay for accepted items?

We offer trade credit up to 40% of our selling price for eligible items. Cashable items payout up to 30% of our selling price, depending on the item type. Please note that cash payments are not available for all items.

How long will it take to process dropped off items?

We try our best to have your items processed within 3 business days. If you are bringing in a small amount (1-2 boxes) we may be able to look through your items while you shop. Once we process your items and present your offer, we ask that you come pick up any remaining items (or all of your items if you choose not to accept our offer) within 3-5 business days. Any items left after 5 business days will be considered a donation. 

Do you pay cash for everything?
Some items that have a low resale value will be offered store credit instead of cash. 

Items We Are Paying Store Credit For:

  • Paperback fiction and non-fiction in low demand
  • Paperback Children's Literature and picture books in low demand
  • Flashcard sets
  • Manipulative sets
  • Puzzles and games
  • Various supplies

Items We Are Paying Cash For:

  • Gently used homeschool curriculum
  • Hardcover fiction and non-fiction in good condition
  • Classics in good condition
  • Brand new items still in packaging and not outdated.

What items are not accepted?

We accept a broad range of educational materials, there are certain items we cannot sell, including but not limited to:

  • Consumable books with writing on the inside
  • Books with badly damaged covers or spines
  • Books with missing pages
  • Digital or PDF curriculum that you've printed yourself
  • Abeka Video Lesson Guides (due to copyright restrictions)
  • Music, movies or DVDs without original case
  • Water damaged materials
  • Items that smell like smoke and/or mold
  • Magazines
  • Outdated curriculum materials (curriculum greater than 20 years old, VHS, cassettes, etc.)
  • Encyclopedia sets
  • Computer games
  • Games or puzzles that are missing pieces

Do you take donations of used curriculum?

Yes! We have many free items that we pass on to homeschool families. Donations can be dropped off anytime we are open. Please note that we are not a charity and donations are not tax-deductible. 

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