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A Book of Friendliness

A Book of Friendliness

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Advanced reader from the Faith and Freedom Reader series, now reprinted by Seton Press. Unquestionably the best of all the Faith and Freedom readers. Friendliness is shown in every relationship of life from the family fireside to the world hearth of the family of nations. Man's understanding of and man's kindliness towards his fellow man is authored by the greatest writers: Dickens Shakespeare Wordsworth Tennyson Frost Belloc Scott Kilmer Whitman Stevenson Chesterton. Also includes works by religious writers such as Pope Pius XI, Pope Pius XII, Thomas a Kempis and Cardinal Newman. Biographical index. Compiled by Sr. Mary Charlotte, R.S.M., M.A., Sr. Mary Brendan, R.S.M., M.E.D. and Mary Synon, LL.D. Recommended for Grade 8.

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