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Janette Oke's: Animal Friends

Janette Oke's: Animal Friends

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Animal Friends A Cote of Many Colors and New Kid in Town

A Cote of Many Colors: Mark and Timmie's landlord has a whole loft of prize-winning carrier pigeons, but the gruff man said "absolutely no pets" when he rented the small house to the boys' mother. So Mark and Timmie can only watch the pigeons--including Blue Boy, their favorite--from across the fence and wish they had a pet of their own. But what will happen when their landlord is hospitalized and can't care for his pigeons? 

New Kid in Town: Separated from his family, Fuzzle the skunk has to make a new home and find food all alone, because the other animals run away when they see him, until he discovers a secret weapon that could make him a hero.

Condition: used, very good

 ISBN: 0-7642-2459-x

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